London borough of Hounslow, UK, 2022

Enamel painted stainless steel plaques, sound composition 

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Hounslow in West-London boroughs of London, famous for housing the UK’s largest airport Heathrow. Dominated by airport infrastructure and busy highways it is also home to some unique parklands.

Twice Between Two Points explores the act of getting lost somewhere. Starting at opposite ends of Hounslow, two walkers attempt to find each others markers without using maps - navigating via green space, relying solely on compass and directions from local people. The two journeys were audio recorded.

The two points in Osterley Park and Bedfont Park were marked on site with  plaques and the two audio recordings were overlaid and compressed into a sound composition accessed via a QR code;

Commissioned by Creative People & Places Hounslow, as part of Wanderings residency. The work was then exhibited as part of a traveling exhibition across Hounslow’s public Libraries.

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