Norreco resource-station, DK, 2023
Neodynium magnets, aluminum canisters, stainless steel, steel wire & analog metronome 

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Neodynium (Nd) is a rare-earth metal. Most commonly mined for its use in permanent magnets, it has been widely used in advanced technologies since the end of the 20th century. As our material world fluctuates between the tangible and intangible, might we think of extraction not simply as a process of separation, but also an important mode of connection to the ground?

Considering our reliance on magnetism, the work seeks to explore the technologically visible and invisible worlds through the materiality of metal, air and time. A moment of suspended animation is created within the ever moving terraformed landscape of recycled building material.

As part of group a exhibition curated by Platform - special thanks to Sophie Højgaard and Alan Why. Photography Hampus Berndston.


Photography: Hampus Berndtson (2, 3, 4, 6)

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