Strl_ & Mo Langmuir

London - West Sussex, UK, 2022

Chalk, greenheart timber, olive oil, aluminium rod, engraved & patinated copper

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Comharran* XY & XZ are two sculptures that document an 85 mile walk over three days from Camden to Belle Tout lighthouse atop the erroding cliff face of Seven Sisters. On arrival a tempory land art intervention was made using chalk stone.  

GPS data from the walk was carved into foraged chalk (85 million years old) blocks and the land art intervention engraved onto a copper coin inlayed onto marine salvaged greenheart timber (Guana). XZ depicts the metres above sea level, XY depicts the latitude and longitude. The work is part of an ongoing series entitled Modern Pilgrimage with artist Mo Langmuir

*comharran [Gaelic] - two markings on land used to give an offshore boat its location

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