- FieldWalk 55° 6’28.85”N, 15° 0’3.82”E 
Mønstergård , Bornholm

Twelve hour walking performance as part of Metropolis’ ‘Walking Landscapes’

FieldWalk - 55° 6’28.85”N, 15° 0’3.82”E is a site-specific walking land-art. Concieved in collaboration with Biodynamic farmer Thor Lund Kure and constructed with public participants, the work is a meditation and reflection on our relation to the rural landscape and the ground.

The route was constructed using the body and GPS drawing tools. When read from the sky the path reveals a semiotic drawing based on practices related to biodynamic soil and the seasons.

Film TBC

Faciltators: Thor Lund Kure, Metropolis, BIRCA, Bornholms Kommune 
Contributors: Thank you to all the participants who walked the path and worked the garden - thank you for your time, energy & interest.