- Shō Mura and Sam Collins are spatial practitioners, currently based in Copenhagen.

Shō has a background in social architecture and soundscape. His architectural background includes work in community orientated projects, social infrastructure and urban nature. His soundscape work explores the ideas of sound collage, nostalgia and sonic architecture - though both installations and radio (NTS - Ikr. Imprint).  

Sam has a background in architecture, public sculpture, model making and fabrication. His focus is on speculative futures and heritage with ‘Critical Animism’ as his current territory of investigation.

Together they engage in various teaching roles, which seeks to encourage new modes of investigating landscape within both art/architecture education. Currently hosting a yearly teaching residency at Aero Art Folk High School (Denmark)  STRL_ has been guest tutors at The Royal Academy (Denmark) holding workshops with Masters students. They have also given talks at The Danish Architecture Center, Linnaeus University (Sweden) & The University of Manchester (UK).

They have exhibited at ARoS Art Museum, (Denmark), The Royal Academy of Art (Denmark), Memory of Mankind Archive (Austria) and were recently featured in the Arte.de documentary ‘Wie Lösen Wir Das Atommüll-Rätsel’ (Germany).